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Nonprofit Investment Stewards Podcast

Whether you oversee endowment, foundation or retirement plan investments, learn from experts and explore strategies intended to help stewards improve performance, reduce costs and help charitable organizations prosper.

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Episode 9, January 13, 2021

2021 Investment Outlook for Endowments & Foundations — With Matt Rice

With a new year and a new environment, now is the perfect time to examine your endowment or foundation’s investment strategy and asset allocation so that you can adapt to ever-changing market conditions! To help you do this, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis join Matt… Read More

Episode 8, December 30, 2020

ESG Investing for Stewards: Part 2 — With Charles Kuchenbrod

Get ready to explore a new, unique approach to ESG investing for religious institutions! In part two of their ESG mini-series, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis join Charles Kuchenbrod, the executive associate conference minister at the Southern New England Conference of the United Church of… Read More

Episode 7, December 16, 2020

ESG Investing for Stewards: Part 1 — With Shreya Canakapalli

In this episode, we kick off a new mini-series on a topic that is near and dear to many endowment and foundation stewards, ESG investing! Join Bob DiMeo, Devon Francis, and DiMeo Schneider’s Shreya Canakapalli as they launch the series with a discussion on Environmental,… Read More

Episode 6, December 02, 2020

Higher Education and COVID-19: Part 3 — With Lawyer Michael Cooney

As a steward, how can you effectively manage your endowment fund and avoid common issues that can arise during the process? Find out in this third and final part of our higher education mini-series! In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis welcome lawyer Michael… Read More

Episode 5, November 18, 2020

How the 2020 Elections Could Impact Nonprofit Investors — With Frank Kelly

With the 2020 Elections mostly over, what do investors, nonprofits, and charitable organizations need to consider in managing their portfolios? To explore the answer, join Bob DiMeo, Devon Francis, and Deutsche Bank’s Head of Global & Public Affairs , Frank Kelly, in this episode. They… Read More

Episode 4, November 16, 2020

Higher Education and COVID-19: Part 2 — With Bruce Laning

Managing endowments at higher education institutions regularly regularly includes uncertainty and challenges. Now this seems more true than ever. In part two of their mini-series on higher education, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis join Wealthspire’s Bruce Laning. As the chair of the Valparaiso University endowment… Read More

Episode 3, November 13, 2020

Community Foundations and Current Challenges — With Roberta Herman Dietrich

Community foundations are essential pillars of our societies. But how has this unprecedented year impacted these organizations and the important work they do in communities? To find out, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis visit with Roberta Herman Dietrich of the Houston Jewish Community Foundation in… Read More

Episode 2, November 11, 2020

Higher Education: Part 1 — With Donna M. Carroll

Higher education impacts everyone from employers to students. While these institutions bring many great benefits to our societies, like many others, they are now experiencing new challenges in the face of COVID-19. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis launch a new three-part mini-series… Read More

Episode 1, November 09, 2020

Welcome to the Nonprofit Investment Stewards Podcast!

Are you interested in learning about endowment, foundation and other nonprofit investments and how investment strategy can further your charitable organization’s mission? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this inaugural episode of the Nonprofit Investment Stewards Podcast, get to know your hosts,… Read More