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2020 First Quarter Considerations

Quarterly Considerations April 15, 2020

Quarterly Considerations

Retirement Plans

Retirement plan participants are staying the course. According to T. Rowe Price, 98 percent of plan participants have not made changes to their investments (2/24-3/13).

According to Fidelity:

Early indications suggest that most Plan Sponsors are likely to adopt the provisions of the CARES Act¹.

Nonprofit Organizations

The CARES Act includes provisions to assist nonprofits including:
– Loans to pay salaries and avoid layoffs
– Emergency grants
– Incentives to increase charitable giving

Due to COVID-19, a survey of charities found 80 percent anticipate lower 2020 revenues. However, 56 percent say they may find more efficient ways to pursue their mission including new/expanded ways to raise funds online.

The Wealth Office™

On March 27, President Trump signed into law the CARES Act. Read “Stimulus (Hopefully) to the Rescue” to learn how this impacts your retirement account.

Market upheaval presents possible tax planning opportunities. Find more details in our article “Leveraging Tax Savings & Other Planning Opportunities.

Uncle Sam can wait: Federal (and many state) tax deadlines are extended to July 15. Deadlines also extended for 2019 IRA and Roth IRA contributions.

Financial Institutions

Lacking the resources needed to ensure sound ongoing investment due diligence while leaving advisors enough time to devote to clients? Learn how our Financial Institutions Outsourcing Practice can help.

Amid the recent volatility, we’ve participated in a number of joint webinars to help our partner firms effectively communicate the latest market updates and the resulting impacts on investment portfolios.


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1. National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA). READER POLL: The (Early) Response to CARES Act Options
As of 3/31/20. Please reference the disclosures at the end of this presentation for additional information related to the material presented

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