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2020 Second Quarter Considerations

Investment Manager Research | Quarterly Considerations July 14, 2020

Quarterly Considerations

Retirement Plans

The DOL released a proposed regulation pertaining to a fiduciary’s duties when investing in ESG investments and a newly proposed fiduciary rule. See our Fiduciary Governance Calendar for details of both proposals.

The 30th Annual Retirement Confidence Survey¹ showed:
-4 in 5 workers say they would like help calculating how much to save for retirement
-86% are interested in planning for health care expenses
-77% are interested in access to an emergency savings account or program

Nonprofit Organizations

An Intentional Endowments Network report concluded that a thoughtful approach to ESG investing can have meaningful impact and drive positive change for endowments and foundations, while maintaining or even improving performance. Ask us if you’d like to learn more about Mission Aligned InvestingTM.

A recent Gallup poll found charitable giving has fallen to a 19-year low in the U.S., with the biggest declines among middle and lower income Americans.

The Wealth Office™

While the bear market earlier this year may have had little historical precedent given the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, investors may gain helpful insights reviewing past bear markets and subsequent recoveries.

RMD Clarity – the IRS just released a notice giving greater clarity for individuals who already completed a RMD earlier this year. Ask us for a summarized outline of the IRS notice.

Financial Institutions

58 percent of advisors indicated that calling clients throughout the global pandemic proved most effective², but it’s time consuming and takes away from investment due diligence and marketing efforts. We provide our financial institutions partners with a turn-key library of research and content available for private label.

Contact our Financial Institutions Practice to obtain the full results of our recent survey and learn about marketing and communication support resources.

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1. 2020 Retirement Confidence Survey by Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) and Greenwald & Associates. 2. DiMeo Schneider Advisor Pulse Survey. As of 6/30/20. Please reference the disclosures at the end of this presentation for additional information related to the material presented.

The information contained herein is confidential and may not be disseminated or distributed to any other person without the prior approval of DiMeo Schneider. Any dissemination or distribution is strictly prohibited. Information has been obtained from a variety of sources believed to be reliable though not independently verified. Any forecasts represent future expectations and actual returns, volatilities and correlations will differ from forecasts. This report does not represent a specific investment recommendation. Please consult with your advisor, attorney and accountant, as appropriate, regarding specific advice. Past performance does not indicate future performance and there is a possibility of a loss.

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