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The 12 Days of Donor Stewardship

December 17, 2019

Nonprofits say year-end fundraising season consumes the majority of their year.

Annually, more than 30 percent of charitable giving occurs in the month of December.1 Two of the giving season’s catalysts are: 1) the generosity permeating the holidays and 2) making charitable donations to take advantage of the tax benefits before year end.

With the holiday season upon us and giving being at the forefront, it raises a question about donor stewardship. How are nonprofits cultivating relationships with their donors, and how can they make those relationships more effective in supporting their mission? 

Donor stewardship is a key fundraising strategy. Nonprofits showing donors, not just their appreciation for the monies they were entrusted with but, that the donated funds have been used wisely to further promote their mission. It’s rare when donors receive a personal thank-you from a nonprofit, but when they do, it makes them feel special and sets the charity apart.

Even if your nonprofit is exceptional at donor stewardship, it can still be challenging to come up with fresh ideas every year. Implementing new strategies is important if you are to grow and maintain your donor base. To make the most of your stewardship, create a plan that highlights your goals and accomplishments. And, having that plan will remind you when you should communicate with donors throughout the year.

For instance, in December designate 12 days, one each, to accomplish the following tasks to mine and expand your donor base. The below list, inspired by the blog Story-Telling Nonprofit, a practical guide to telling stories that raise money and awareness, provides 12 great ideas to refresh your donor stewardship.

Spoiler alert: the list does not end with a partridge in a pear tree or 12 drummers drumming, but it aims to provoke thought when cultivating and expanding your donor base.

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