Capital market complexity, budgetary pressures, staff turnover investment committee time constraints and concern about fiduciary liability have led many institutions to outsource this crucial role. CIOutsource™ offers a cost-effective way to access discretionary investment expertise and resources that might otherwise be beyond reach. Potential benefits of this approach include: higher risk-adjusted returns, the ability to make more timely decisions and lower overall costs.

Why You Should Consider CIOutsource

Aligned Interests
Our only source of income is our stated cost. No manager pays to be included in our database and we acknowledge our fiduciary status.

A combination of academic theory and “street smarts” has delivered value-added solutions for clients.

Intellectual Capital
Research is focused on adding return reducing, risk or both. More importantly, we believe that our evolutionary improvement to the traditional asset allocation model adds measurable value.

Risk Management
Proprietary tools, such as our Portfolio Engineer™, add structure and discipline to an investment program.

We are accountable for investment results and welcome discussions about an incentive-based compensation arrangement.

We work with you to customize the structure that best suits your needs. We are happy to accept partial or full discretion in the oversight of your funds.

Alternatives Capability
Lack of transparency, the use of leverage, and huge dispersion between top- and bottom-quartile managers mandate strong due diligence. It’s not cost effective to build this capacity in-house (unless your fund has several billion dollars in assets).

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