Fiduciary Investment Outsource
The burden Plan Sponsors face to prudently oversee their retirement plan investments continues to grow. Ever-changing, complex regulations put Plans Sponsors under a constant threat of significant personal liability under ERISA. In addition, limited resources, lack of investment expertise, time constraints and staff turnover pose additional challenges.

Solutions for Fiduciaries
DiMeo Schneider & Associates’ Fiduciary Investment Outsource services offer a solution for retirement Plan Sponsors. Under Fiduciary Investment Outsource we accept and acknowledge discretionary authority over your Plan’s investment options as a 3(38) Investment Manager which allows us to select, monitor and replace investment options. This means you can mitigate risk by delegating significant responsibility related to your Plan’s investments allowing you more time to focus on strategy and your core business.

Why You Should Consider Fiduciary Investment Outsource

Select Investments
Our manager research and selection process is rigorous and multi-faceted, utilizing proprietary qualitative screens and quantitative models to strive to find the best managers regardless of investment structure.

Monitor Investments
We provide meaningful information and proactive updates on all Plan investments.

Terminate and Replace Investments
We take the responsibility of terminating and replacing investments that do not meet investment policy guidelines.

Mapping Strategies
We determine the transition of assets in the event of a merger, acquisition or investment termination.

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
We draft, update and maintain the IPS and monitor investments on-going to ensure they comply with policies.

Custom Core Funds
As a 3(38) Investment Manager, we develop diversified funds along various asset classes (e.g. large cap, small cap, international). This is an excellent solution for Plan Sponsors looking to simplify their Plan’s investment lineup.

Custom Target Date Funds
We take into account your Plan demographics, goals and objectives to develop asset allocation and glidepath strategies. Equipped with our leading-edge proprietary tools – Frontier Engineer and Portfolio Engineer – we provide solutions for the Plan Sponsor who seeks target date funds that meet their Plan’s specific profile rather than an “off-the-shelf” offering.

Model Portfolios
We construct risk-based portfolios across a spectrum of risk/return profiles that incorporate our best thoughts on asset allocation, manager selection and rebalancing.

Defined Benefit Plans
Applying our proprietary tools – Frontier Engineer and Liability Engineer – we help you manage the complexities around asset allocation, asset-liability modeling and liability driven investing. Our holistic, consultative approach will help you determine the right solution that benefits your participants, their beneficiaries and your organization.

Plan Administration
We communicate and authorize transactions with your recordkeeper or custodian and assist with participant communication if needed.

DiMeo Schneider & Associates, L.L.C. is flexible with the amount of discretion we assume. We can explore with you full and partial discretionary services with solutions ranging from manager selection and monitoring to asset allocation. DiMeo Schneider & Associates, L.L.C. is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) with the SEC.

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